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Located on the TriStar Centennial Medical Center campus in the heart of Music City, TriStar Centennial Center for the Treatment of Obesity is part of a comprehensive healthcare facility delivering excellence in care to those affected by obesity. Our approach to treatment combines best practices with an individualized plan of care. We offer a wide array of options including weight loss classes with the dietitian and exercise physiologist, medical weight loss programs and bariatric surgery treatment options. Working in conjunction with TriStar Chidren’s Specialists, we have a comprehensive pediatric and adolescent obesity treatment program for those ages 2-18.

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location 2200 Murphy Ave
Nashville, TN 37203

(615) 342­-1231
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If you’re affected by obesity, you know first-hand that managing your weight and improving your health is difficult. Knowing your weight loss surgery options is important.

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Interested in beginning your weight loss journey. Learn more about the journey to a new you.

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Attend a free weight loss surgery seminar and learn why diet and exercise plans usually fail and how we may be able to help you succeed!

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Are there psychological risks related to surgery?

There is no direct evidence that weight loss surgery can cause any particular psychological conditions. However, social and emotional problems...

What are the support groups like and why should I attend?

Support groups give patients an excellent opportunity to talk about personal issues. Most patients learn, for example, that bariatric surgery...

After the surgery, what support will I receive in adjusting to new daily habits?

A comprehensive bariatric program will consist of a combination of the following healthcare professionals: a program coordinator, psychologist,...

How soon can I be evaluated?

We can usually schedule an appointment for you within a couple of days and the results are sent to your surgeon’s office in less than one...


Paula Caldwell (Date of Operation: November 1, 2012)

Dr. Dyer changed my life. I had been overweight since, well as long as I could remember. When I began my journey I weighed 336 punds and was in a size 26/28 clothes. I struggled everyday...

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Denny Nix (Date of Operation: August 7, 2012)

Well my new life is just about to start, and I want to tell everyone about Centennial Weight Center their staff and doctors. I had my first meeting with Dr. Houston on June 5, 2012...

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Teresa Deck (Date of Operation: June 8, 2010)

When I began my journey I weigh 326 pounds. Now as of February 23, 2012, I weigh 177 pounds. I cannot beleive the difference in my life. It is like I have been given a second chance at life. I have...

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    Nearly all bariatric programs will have specific recommendations regarding your eating and drinking patterns after surgery. The most consistent recommendations are...

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